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Articles that are submitted for consideration should be of interest to the readers of the Simplicitypainting.com.au Blog and should be acceptable to those readers. Op-ed pieces, as opposed to content marketing pieces, are the types of articles that we find most interesting since they present novel concepts and further the discussion of current issues and trends that are of interest to our readers. We value writing that is engaging, well-crafted, and has an appropriate mix of research or news with interesting stories or examples that assist show your point of view.

Our Guidelines

  • The length of the post should be between 550 and 2000 words at a minimum.
  • The blog post needs to be relevant to the topic being discussed — Research the blogs that we’ve already published and send us posts that cover topics that our audience will find interesting.
  • Affiliate links of any kind are prohibited, except for paid advertisements.
  • Make every effort to steer clear of submitting titles that are identical to ones that we have already published.
  • There should be at least 5 photos with a resolution of 840 by 350 pixels, and 1 feature image with a resolution of 840 by 400 pixels.

Things To Take Into Account

  1. The primary text
  2. Meta description (100-150 characters long)
  3. Internal photos are voluntary but highly encouraged (in a file with a name) in addition to screenshots
  4. A format that allows for the modification of any extra designs
  5. A picture of a guest author
  6. A brief author profile for a guest author

Plagiarism Can Take Many Forms, Including But Not Limited To The Following:

  • Passing off the work of another individual as your own by literally word-for-word copying it
  • Plagiarizing the work of another individual while altering some terms or sentences
  • Adapting, or “spinning,” the work of another individual
  • Presenting the ideas of another person as if they were your own, including the progression, flow, examples, and images, etc.
  • Stealing text from any website, regardless of whether or not credit is given to the original author

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