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10 Best Customized Band Merch Ideas

These custom band merchandise ideas from Harry styles are sure to get your band noticed. In the late 1950s, an Elvis fan club designed and produced the first concert shirt. Band merchandise has certainly come a long way since then. While you can now get your band logo printed on almost anything, there are still some classics that fans love.

You can transform some of the more unusual products into custom band merchandise, but bands are getting more creative with their merch table. These days, you don't have to limit yourself to hoodies and posters.

Check out our guide to find best band merchandise ideas.


For younger fans, patches are a great way to cover their jackets with band merchandise. There are many options for patches.

Stickers are another piece of easy merch that fans can stick on notebooks, scooters and laptops, Easy promo and a cheap product that can be ordered in bulk.

Useful Merch: Tote Bags

Totes bags make a great piece of merchandise. Your fans might not want to bring a backpack to the show so they may be reluctant to purchase a poster or t-shirt. They can also stuff the bag with other merchandise if they purchase a tote.


Buttons are a great collectible item that almost everyone can afford. It's easy to create merch with buttons! You can create a variety of button designs because they are easier to produce in bulk. You can also use buttons to display your logo and album art.

T-Shirts The Classic Custom Band Merch

You've probably bought a t-shirt if you've ever stopped at a merch stand after a concert. T-shirts are a classic form of band merchandise. They are easy to wear and show their loyalty to the band at every concert. These are wonderful souvenirs that fans will cherish for many years.

Phone Cases

We are willing to bet that 99 per cent of people who attend your concerts own a smartphone. So why not let them show their support for their favourite band every time they text or call their friends? Many fans will order custom cases for bands online, and many of them will. It's easier than ever to make it easy for them.

Vinyl: A Collector's Wish

Vinyl is making a comeback and it is often the first item to go after a concert. Get some custom vinyl if you want to do a great merch move. You can also get coloured vinyl. If you have great album art, standard black vinyl will suffice.


A must-have item at every concert is posters. These posters are more suited for teens. What else can their friends learn about the cool bands they like?

Bands have a lot more freedom when designing posters. Some basic ones have the logo and a photo of your band.


CDs may not be as popular as they once were. The physical discography industry has suffered because you can stream almost any type of music. You can buy second hand cds from record store.

There are still many CD collectors out there, so make sure to burn some CDs for them! These are also great items to sign and mark up a little.

Trading Cards

You can create trading cards for your fans, which is a unique piece of merchandise. Collecting trading cards is so exciting, significantly if your band contributes to the design.

Musician's Toolkit: Guitar Picks/Drumsticks

Guitar picks are an extremely rare piece of merch fans still crave. These are great pieces of merch that fans can keep on a special shelf or carry around in their pockets every day.

Drumsticks will be larger and clunkier but they are still fun pieces of merchandise. They're also functional merch that musicians can use, both as drumsticks or guitar picks.