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Different Types of Shoelaces, Based on the Material and Aglets

We all use shoes in our daily life, but we don’t really think much about the shoelaces. In fact, you may not have proper idea about the type of material used for making your shoelace. In this post, you can learn about the different types of shoelaces available on the market.

Types Of Shoelaces: Based on Material

  • Textured Polyester: The shoelaces made with this material are mostly used for work shoe types as they are highly durable. They are also known for their water-resistant properties, which is why most people prefer them over cotton shoelaces.

Skateboarding and ice-skating shoes require textured polyester shoelaces as they are more durable. Another great advantage of using this type of shoelaces is they don’t get tangled easily. If you look at the textured polyester shoelaces, they generally come in very few colors when compared to the cotton ones. These shoelaces are machine washable, but you must ensure that they are air-dried.

  • Cotton: Cotton shoelaces are generally used for fashion and tennis shoes. Besides, they come in various attractive colors. These shoelaces come in a round style and flat style. All you need to do is choose one from them according to your preferences. You can find these cotton shoelaces commonly everywhere. 
  • Nylon: Just like the textured polyester shoelaces, even the nylon shoelaces are more durable. These shoelaces are tangle-resistant and thick in nature. They are dirt and water-resistant. When it comes to their price, they are a little more costly than the other options available on the market. However, there are some online stores where you can find them at attractive prices.

Types of Shoelaces: Based on Aglets

The main purpose of these shoelace aglets is, they protect the laces from fraying. Using these aglets, the process of lacing your shoe becomes easier for you. Most people find these aglets in plastic, but what you need to understand is that they also come in various other materials. Take a look below to know about them. 

  • Metal Aglets: These aglets are very strong in nature. In fact, they don’t break easily. Besides, you can find these aglets in most of the hobby shops.
  • Threaded Aglets: Even though these threaded aglets look attractive, they might not last long like the metal and plastic aglets. 

You don’t have to visit any store physically for buying the aglets or shoelaces nowadays. As there are so many stores online, you can complete your shopping from your home now. But remember that all the stores that you see online may not be trustworthy. Hence, you must do your basic research before placing an order on any store.

Do check the customer reviews to know which is the best store online for buying aglets and shoelaces. In short, choose the store with maximum positive customer reviews, if you are looking for quality products.  

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