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Wedding Decoration Ideas To Lighten Up Your Decor

Imagine your dream wedding. You see everything beautiful and happy with soft lighting. In your dream, it looks magical. You can achieve the same effect by using a simple household item, candles. These illuminated decor pieces can help to brighten your marriage pictures. You can use them as a photo booth prop, or just light a passage. You can incorporate them into your wedding decor, however, but we guarantee that you will love the result. Here are some ideas for candle decorations. Let’s dig in.

Wax Candles

These are the first things that spring to mind when someone says candle. If they aren’t placed properly, however, they can pose a danger as a decorating item. Many candle supplies decorations are accompanied by mason jars, teacups, or other small items. Below are some suggestions for friendly candle decor.

1. Centrepiece

As a centerpiece, the best place for candles is on the table. A beautiful bouquet will add to the atmosphere of your wedding. It won’t take long for your guests to snap great photos at your wedding. They’ll be able to do it right at their table.

There is no need to have one centerpiece when you can fill the whole table with candles, and let their illumination complement the hues of your bridal lighting. You can get ideas for candle decorations from this rustic-themed dinner table. It is smart to keep them all in glassware and jars with water, so you can avoid any unplanned disasters.

2. Floating Candles

You are hosting a poolside party or a mandap decoration that is floating. You should consider floating candles for candle decoration. Make floating centerpieces with your wedding decorator and make candles the focal point. You can make your thermocol base. It can be very cost-effective and also beautiful.

This one is a wonderful combination of a flower arrangement and candle decoration ideas. It is as charming as we do. Bookmark this page to save it and email your florist the following photo. They will be able to create floating lanterns for your wedding event.

3. A Designated Spot

You can also make a special spot for candles to decorate. You can find any spot in your home that could use some aesthetic improvement and place all of your candles there. The classic combination of flowers and candles is unbeatable. Combine them and you have a beautiful place to display your decor. This is another place to showcase your Insta-worthy decor.

4. Hanging Decor

You could hang candles around your venue in this fashion. This beautiful decoration photo will be the centerpiece of your wedding album.

5. Giveaways

You can make your guests happy by giving them favors such as a candle decoration. You can make the gesture more memorable by including a thank-you tag or a thoughtful quote.

6. Artificial Candles

Use artificial candles to prevent accidents. Artificial candles can be used for many decorations. They won’t cause any damage and can be placed anywhere you want.