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Slow Death in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are home to slow and quick murders.

Note that there is an important update at the end. It is crucial that you carefully read the entire article, as well as the important update at the end, if you are involved in any way in visiting or living in a rehabilitation and care center or nursing home.

The average person would be shocked at what is happening in our nursing homes today. As you are sitting in your home, reading this, an elderly person or someone from your family is being harmed by unscrupulous staff at nursing homes and rehabilitation and care centers in your city.

A friend from out of the country called me recently to inform me that her mother was admitted to hospital because she had bedsores. This woman was admitted to hospital because her bedsores became so severe that the home-health agency responsible for her care failed to move her or turn her around every two hours. A sore can be life-threatening. Yes. This is true for seniors, the elderly, those who are fragile, those who are ill, and people with disabilities. The woman who died recently was named as “Alison”. She died from a terrible bedore, not illness.

This is what allows it to continue. Sometimes it’s indifference, but often people don’t realize that these abuses are happening. This article reveals it, brings it to your attention, and asks for your help in making things better.

While you’re reading this, take a moment to consider this: Do you believe Americans are treated so badly in America? You can give yourself and others the benefit of doubt by reading the article at the bottom of this page. Ask your doctors if they would allow any family members to be admitted into a nursing home. There you will find your answer.

Bedores are one of the main reasons residents become more sick and even die in nursing homes. Bedores are often a result of poor care, inadequate supervision and management of nursing homes and the understaffing of rehabilitation and health care centers. This means that the management of these facilities is often so poor and inept at maintaining health, they don’t keep track of how many patients are moved from one side to another. These patients can develop sores if they are allowed to lie still for long periods of time. These sores can often be fatal. How can they be life-threatening? These sores can make a patient more sickly and even dangerous if they have diabetes or any other serious medical conditions. The terrible truth is that all of these sores can be avoided and completely unnecessary. All that is required of nursing homes and rehab centers is to move patients around every two hours and record such movements. Bad rehab and care centers, and poor nursing homes leave patients immobile and prone to developing sores.

How can they do that? Here’s what they do. They let the patient rot in their bed and bring breakfast and other meals to their room. However, they do not encourage the patient to go to the dining area. Once they are unable to move or turn, they will eventually die. Patients in these poor centers experience this over time. Patients in these bad centers often become immobile and are often unable to move.