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Here are some reasons Odoo is the best ERP for small and medium-sized businesses

The IT market has seen a lot of innovation due to technological advances. Nearly every company wants to keep up with the latest trends. Their primary goal is to remain competitive, rank high on SERPs and manage their business operations with ease and productivity. An ERP for small businesses is essential to manage their daily tasks using a single integrated suite of applications such as the ERP system.

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning is a key tool in the management of core business functions for small and medium-sized companies. It does this through streamlining, automation. The modularof functionality takes care of all aspects – order processing, production management and inventory and warehouse management. Sales and purchase tracking, shipment tracking and managing finances are just some examples. It manages the business’s resources professionally and organizes orders, sales, ROI, manufacturing capacities, employee management, etc. It ensures communication between all employees across all departments.

One of the greatest things about an ERP system for small businesses is that you can perform all functions and tasks via one dashboard control. It also has built-in analytics and data sharing. This encourages cooperation and harmony among all departments.

What’s the number?

Small businesses can also use it to accelerate their business growth with affordable ERP solutions. This data speaks volumes.

  • Today, 53% of small businesses prefer an ERP solution to CRM.
  • Research shows that 65% of SMEs already use ERP consulting services.
  • An ERP solution is used by 96% of small businesses that are emerging and excel in their industry verticals.
  • ERP software solutions allow small businesses to take 36% more time to make decisions.
  • SME’s who are working with reliable ERP service providers have been found to be able to save 21% on their business operations.

No matter the size or category of the business, an ERP solution is integrated into every department. To minimize the risk of failure, and ensure that every business goal is met, it takes strategic and meticulous planning.

However, successful ERP implementation requires the expertise and efforts of ERP consultants. An integrated blueprint and the participation of ERP experts will make it possible to implement an ERP system successfully. A well-executed and strategic implementation such as Odoo ERP software can result in real-time ROI for any business, large or small.

Ooo: The Best Choice for Small Business

Odoo is the preferred ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a variety of intuitive and robust features that SMEs can use to manage different business verticals such as manufacturing, retailing, trading, etc. It is also cost-effective for SMEs because businesses don’t have to pay a license fee.