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Here are 8 useful tips to help you get the best lawyer for your business.

You are often overwhelmed by the demands of running your business. A legal problem is the last thing you should worry about. A lot of business owners put off dealing with legal problems because they don’t know where or have the time.

There are many legal issues:

* A customer has failed to pay an account, despite numerous promises. A letter was just sent from a government agency. Your ex-manager has started a new business. He has also stolen one of your most valuable customers and key employees. You just got sued for $100,000. You have been told by someone that your standard contract won’t be accepted in court. You are having a dispute with your landlord. You are having a problem with an American or European customer. Your business has been defamed online. Your warehouse manager is sexually harassing a female worker. * A former employee threatens to sue you if you don’t fire him. It is unclear how you should handle the situation. * You have a Workplace Safety Insurance Claim.

These are only a few of the many legal issues that businesspeople face every day.

TIP #1 – Get legal help as soon as you notice a problem

Imagine a competitor passing its business under your name. It’s likely to cost you customers and sales, but it’s difficult to estimate the exact amount. If you don’t act quickly, it might be too late for the Court to issue an injunction. A limitation period starts at the time a contract is broken and ends two years later if you believe you have a claim against another person. It is not a good idea for the claim to be left until the very last moment.

It is important to create a legal strategy for employees who are working in unacceptable ways as soon as you can. Your business could be hurt more if you wait.

This is the short summary: It is crucial to seek help as soon as you notice a problem. It is more costly and time-consuming to manage a crisis than to respond quickly.

Tip 2 – Keep a list of lawyers on hand to help you when you need them.

A team of lawyers should be available to assist businesses. This is not as difficult or expensive as it sounds. You only need the email addresses and telephone numbers of trusted corporate, employment and litigation lawyers. You may need an intellectual property attorney, who can deal with copyright, trademarks, and patents depending on your business. A tax lawyer may be necessary, as not all tax problems can be solved by an accountant.

It is not economically feasible to hire a lawyer if the amount of your legal dispute, such as a customer complaint or claim for $1,000, is small. There are many other resources that can be helpful. BBB offers a dispute resolution service that allows customers and businesses to settle disputes through mediation or arbitration. The only expense is a small administrative fee. You don’t even need to hire a lawyer. You can find more information on this process at the BBB website.

A paralegal might be needed if your case is in Small Claims Court ($10,000 and less). The Law Society regulates paralegals, but they are not lawyers. They are not an alternative to an experienced lawyer.

TIP #3 – What to do when there is a dispute?

You know that business success is often a result of relationships. Your business’ success can depend on the relationships you develop with your lawyers. Your lawyer’s relationship built on mutual trust will save you many nights and save you money.